5 Common Workout Mistakes That Cause Back Pain

Research shows that almost 10 percent of world’s population deals with back pain. And sometimes back pain is caused by training mistakes.

In my previous article on common fitness injuries and what they mean, I mentioned back pain, but I didn’t discuss all the exercise mistakes that cause it. Here is a more comprehensive list to help you avoid stressing your back.

Note that there are other factors that contribute to lower back pain, like inactivity or sitting all the time.

Here are common workout mistakes that cause back pain.

1. Overdoing crunches
Do you do crunches regularly? This ab exercise may be doing your body more harm than good. You see, crunches engage the hip flexors as they activate the abdominal muscles. They contract the hip flexors and eventually make them tight.

Tight hip flexors pull the lumbar spine forward and this leads to back pain. Avoid crunches and do ab exercises that don’t cause back pain.

2. Not stretching
Strengthening core muscles will definitely relieve back pain, but it’s not enough. Research shows that tight muscles can trigger back pain. Do full-body stretches and give the hips and hamstrings more attention.

Spare 10 minutes after each workout to stretch. Note that it’s not safe to do static stretches at the beginning of a workout.

3. Lack of proper form
Poor form is the leading cause of back pain in gyms. The most common mistake is curving the back while lifting weights. Overarching the back can also lead to an injury.

Always keep the back in its neutral position (straight) when lifting weights or other heavy things around the house. And avoid sinking your hips when performing planks or push ups.

4. Lifting weights that are too heavy
Most injuries occur when folks are trying to break their personal records. Or when someone is trying to perform an exercise he/she has never done before.

Steady progress is safer than adding a lot of weight at once. Avoid doing exercises that cause uncomfortable pain.

5. Ignoring core exercises
A strong core helps keep the spine stable and in its neutral position. You have a high risk of back pain if the core isn’t strong enough to support the spine. Regularly do exercises that strengthen the back muscles, abs and glutes to help strengthen your core.

In fact, you need to train the core

more as you get older. It’ll help you lower risk of lower back pain, reduce chances of falling and increase overall strength.

Have you ever suffered back pain due to workout mistakes?

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