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Regenerative Medicine now being offered across South Florida by our SWCA Doctors

Regenerative Medicine is the newest procedure to enter the pain relief industry. Our doctors are the first in the South Florida area to offer stem cell therapy. We have 9 locations across Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach Counties and are welcoming international patients.

Regenerative Medicine uses stem cells to renew your body’s function to repair the areas causing pain. Unlike bone marrow stem cells, the stem cells used in our stem cell treatments have a painless collection procedure and faster self-renewal properties.

Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy is helping our patients suffering from Osteoarthritis (a common chronic degenerative joint disease, namely the degenerative injury of articular cartilage as a result of aging, obesity, fatigue injury, trauma, joint congenital abnormalities, and joint deformity).

Do you have knee joint pain?
Why medicate when you can regenerate the cartilage in the joints and stop the pain? Avoid knee surgery by regenerating your knee joints to their more youthful self. Stem cell therapy has the proven potential to regenerate cartilage. We use regenerative stem cells to treat meniscus injury, torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), osteoarthritis of the knee, and knee joint pain.

Do you have shoulder pain?
Avoid shoulder surgery by regenerating your shoulder joints. We use regenerative stem cells to treat torn rotator cuffs, shoulder labrum tears, osteoarthritis of the shoulder and joint pain from shoulder injuries.

Do you have hip pain?
Painful osteoarthritis of the hip is a frequent reason for the poor quality of life. We use regenerative stem cells to successfully treat hip labrum tears and osteoarthritis of the hip and restore our patient’s quality of life.

Do you have neck pain?
We use regenerative stem cell therapy to effectively treat neck pain, stiff neck, and neck pain from an injury. Neck pain shouldn’t keep you from experiencing your best life.

Do you have back pain?
Back pain from the degenerative process or a back injury does not mean that your only options are dangerous and addictive painkillers (whether over the counter or prescribed) or risky back surgery. We use regenerative stem cells to successfully treat a herniated disc, bulging disc, torn disc, and back pain from injuries.

Do you have elbow pain?
If you play tennis or golf, you or someone you know likely suffers from tendonitis, tennis elbow, golf elbow or elbow osteoarthritis. We use regenerative stem cells to successfully treat your elbow pain and get you back in the game.

Do you have hand or wrist pain?
Hand and wrist pain has responded well when restored with regenerative medicine. We use regenerative stem cells to successfully treat carpal tunnel syndrome, tfcc tear, and osteoarthritis.

Do you have foot or ankle pain?
We’ll get you walking pain-free again with stem cell therapy. We use regenerative stem cells to successfully treat ligament tear, osteoarthritis, and torn tendons in the foot or ankle.

Check out the clinical trials and case studies listed below.

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