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Medicina Física y Rehabilitación y Medicina del Dolor

Graduada de Washington Medical Center

Beca del Washington Medical Center

La Dra. Sandee Bristow se desempeña como Directora del Centro de Bienestar y Columna Vertebral de Miami. Se formó en el reconocido Washington Medical Center en Seattle, WA. Ella cree firmemente que cada paciente es una historia que debe entenderse y dársele un enfoque multidisciplinario para la medicina del dolor y la restauración de una buena calidad de vida. Su enfoque está en el dolor musculoesquelético espinal.

La Dra. Bristow ha sido instructora en la Escuela de Medicina de Harvard y profesora en el Departamento de Anestesia de la Universidad de Washington. El Dr. Bristow puede ayudarlo con todas sus necesidades de bienestar.

Marie Pestana-Garcia
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This was my first visit seeing Dr Bristow. She takes the time to listen which is very important for me. She is very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate which helped me relax during the procedure. The office staff were very pleasant and welcoming.
Raquel C. Banos
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Dr. Bristow truly cares about her patients, she took her time with an assessment and got to know my history before offering pain relief. She is caring & professional. I am so thankful to have met her !
Zeffrin Bright
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I might very well be Dr. Bristow's very first patient in Miami. She is just absolutely amazing both professionally as a Doctor and her personal caring approach to her patients. From chronic pain, injury, and cancer she has given me back my life. Every Doctor should be like she is. Thank you Dr. Bristow!!!!!!!!!
Pura Vida Gardens Jaco06 Oct 2020
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Best Pain Doctor in Miami. we travel all the way from Costa Rica because of Dr. Bristow's excellent qualifications and personality Thank you David and Cindy Stannard, Jaco , Costa Rica
Pura Vida Gardens Jaco06 Oct 2020
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Best Pain Doctor in Miami. we travel all the way from Costa Rica because of Dr. Bristow's excellent qualifications and personality Thank you David and Cindy Stannard, Jaco , Costa Rica
Cindy Stannard
10 Sep 2020
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Dr. Sandee Brystow is not only beautiful but very efficient and knowledgeable. She gave my wife back injections last year and told us the injections
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should last 6 to 9 months. Well Cindy's lasted just over a year and we are arranging another appointment for this month 2020. I would highly recommend Dr. Brystow to everyone David Stannard Jaco, Costa Rica and yes we came all the way from Costa Rica just of Dr. Brystow

George Glover
31 Oct 2019
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She’s a wonderful Doctor with EMPATHY! ( she doesn’t have to Broadcast it, it comes through in the discussion ) I was totally surprised on my
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second visit that she actually paid attention to me on my first visit..( first Doctor I’ve ever had that actually paid attention) Her company was hired to monitor and manage my pain. (From the hospital to PT rehabilitation and after my release) My physical condition was and is worse than ever. I had seven surgeries on the same knee and three of which were revisions just in the past twelve months. My pain is REAL! I can’t stomach certain medical professionals that act like I shouldn’t be in pain, really? If only one of these professionals had experienced the amount of pain brought on by being surgically dissected seven times in twelve months I might have given them some consideration, but they haven’t. I THANK Dr Sandee J. Bristow for her understanding, Empathy and Compassion. There is absolutely NO doubt I would give her 5 STARS for helping get through this difficult time in my life. She ROCKS! Thanks, Doctor and Mercy Hospital Professional Building Staff.

Zenaida Torrens29 Aug 2019
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Excellent. I love Dr. Bristow.
Self-verified patient of Dr. Sandee J Bristow11 Aug 2019
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Empathy versus pain Dr. Bristow is very professional. She makes empathy with my medical condition while transmitting respect.
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I feel very comfortable in her medical office. It is a nice environment adjustable to patient needs.

Mari-Tere de Lara31 Jan 2019
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Dr. Bristow has a Wonderful Disposition and really knows how to inject your pain away, I've been other doctors before but she is the best I will be returning as needed.
Vera Lannek
May 2021
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Dr. Bristow was extremely professional. I was seen promptly, she explained her diagnostic process, she was compassionate, and she clearly laid out the next steps. I am grateful to have found such a qualified doctor to treat my lower back injury.
SchilppKarlJaspersVol Mendez-Suarez
March 2021
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Excellent attention by nurse and personnel. Doctor aware always about my symptoms and condition showing expertise and empathy. Dr.Bristow has been my pain management doctor for 5 years and always I have been feeling comfortable and cared. She has always been concerned with my chronic pain giving me a helpful treatment. Thank you.

Premio Médico a Tiempo (2017, 2018)

El premio Vitals On-Time + Rapptness Award reconoce a los médicos con calificaciones altas consistentes en la puntualidad de las citas. El honor se otorga en función de los puntajes generales y de rapidez de un médico.

Premio de Elección de los Pacientes (2017, 2018)

El reconocimiento de la Elección del Paciente refleja la diferencia que un médico en particular ha hecho en la vida de sus pacientes. El honor se otorga a los médicos que han recibido puntuaciones casi perfectas, según las votaciones de los pacientes.

Reconocimiento Médico Compasivo (2013, 2018)

La certificación de Doctor Compasivo se otorga a los médicos que tratan a sus pacientes con la mayor amabilidad. El honor se otorga en base a las calificaciones generales y de trato al lado de la cama del médico.


  • Aventura Hospital & Medical Center, Aventura, FL
  • Patient Safety Excellence Award™ (2019, 2018)
  • ​Kendall Regional Medical Center, Miami, FL
  • America’s 250 Best Hospitals Award™ (2019)
  • Kendall Regional Medical Center, Miami, FL
  • Patient Safety Excellence Award™ (2019, 2018, 2017)
  • Mercy Hospital, Miami, FL
  • Patient Safety Excellence Award™ (2018)