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Директор центров здоровья и позвоночника Юпитер / Гарденс в Америке

Клиника Мэйо и выпускник Северо-Западного университета

Стипендия клиники Мэйо

Доктор Джеффри Р. Кара — врач интервенционной терапии боли и физиотерапевт, который считает, что каждый заслуживает жизни без боли. Выросший на четырех континентах и проведший треть своей жизни за границей, доктор Кара приветствует самых разных пациентов. Имея двойную сертификацию, доктор Кара прошла обучение в ведущих национальных программах, аккредитованных ACGME: в клинике Майо, Медицинской школе Файнберга Северо-Западного университета и Медицинской школе Притцкера Чикагского университета в Северном побережье.

Выпускник Университета Стетсона, доктор Кара был салютатором своего класса в медицинской школе и прошел резидентуру по физической медицине и реабилитации в Чикагском реабилитационном институте (RIC), который неизменно занимал первое место в реабилитационной больнице в стране. Затем он прошел всестороннюю стажировку по лечению острой, хронической и интервенционной боли в клинике Майо.

Уроженка Флориды и бывший спасатель Ocean Rescue округа Палм-Бич, доктор Кара увлечена защитой окружающей среды и устойчивым развитием. Он провел восемь триатлонов и любит играть со своей семьей на свежем воздухе. Доктор Кара активно работает волонтером по всей Южной Флориде и считает свою медицинскую карьеру возможностью служить на всю жизнь.

Членство и защита

Доктор Кара поддерживает множество организаций, занимающихся улучшением доступа пациентов, качеством медицинской помощи, равенством и устойчивостью.

Пациенты ценят неторопливый подход доктора Кары и его преданность доказательной медицине - он поддерживает пятизвездочную оценку пациентов по шкалам Healthgrades, Vitals и RateMDs.

Phil Becht
Jul 2022
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Dr. Cara is the best. I had issues with my back and hip. It has been years since I've been pain free. Thank you again and may God bless you. I'm 76 years old and being pain free really feels great. Thank you and your staff.
Donna Marie
June 2022
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I'll always discover a fault! Here it's merely the fact of having to seek "PainMgmt" while my 22 other Drs could just as easily write a script for pain medication! But, gone are the good ole GP's and welcome Specialists for every part of the body you can name.
Read more Thankfully, it's been a pleasant experience having Dr Cara treat me.. & how often is the Surgeon in a 3pc suit while operating on you? That's class, That's my Dr Cara whom recently performed my R shoulder procedure via ultrasound & admitted it was worse than he thought! Thus, my pain continues however, it's now better controlled.
Will Holbrook
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I was referred to Dr. Cara by my doctor in Milwaukee, WI for help with pain at L,3,4,5 on both sides. My recommendation is an unqualified superb assessment. Staff are friendly and helpful. Dr Cara give thorough explanations for my condition and the options for solutions. He is an excellent listener who responds to all questions.
Read more I had two procedures for radio frequency ablations, three on the left, three on the right. He and his team made sure I was comfortable and completely prepared. His use of Alexa to play Hamilton as he worked on me was great. Again. superb!
Pat Clark
22 Jul 2020
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Absolutely the best Dr I have ever been to, in every way. I have had multiple back problems for sometime and visited another physician that
Read more

required me to see a PA to diagnose, then a future appointment for care. My wonderful Cardiologist, recommended Dr. Cara because he was receiving such amazing comments from other patients. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Cara, and the rest is now history. YOU SEE HIM! He is quick to locate the problem, and just as quick to resolve it! I would challenge anyone to do a more thorough assessment of the problem, and then apply the treatment. Not to mention, he treats you as if you are his only patient, and IS always immediately on time! No waiting. I cannot describe how excited I am to have found relief, and to have a physician that treats you as if you are his one and only! GO SEE HIM. You will be glad you did! His staff is just as great!

John S. Manna13 Feb 2020
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Dr Cara and his staff make you feel safe with their analysis and recommendations for treatment.
Michelle Rebovich
04 Nov 2019
Читай ещё
Saw Dr. Cara today and he's got an amazing personality! He's attentive, smart, explanatory, abreast of your medical history and has a gentle
Read more

touch when giving injections (my lower back and knee were injected today). Granted, this was my second visit. The medical assistant Kyra, was also very smart, attentive, explanatory and has an awesome personality too! Dr. Cara is my new pain management specialist, 100% of the time!

C.K.13 Jun 2019
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Dr. Cara is very precise and explains in detail. His demeanor is excellent. He is very involved with his patients and is a very super sweet man. Most importantly he never gives up on his patients.
Laura L.04 Jun 2012
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Dr. Cara is such a gentle and caring person, the grade of professionalism is over the top. I have found every time during my visits he truly listens
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and explains all the options available to treat my pain. The willingness to spend time to address my situation makes a world of difference. During my first visit I came in with excruciating pain Dr Cara has a great chair side manners that truly makes you feel confident and relax during any procedure while addressing the issue at hand. His staff is very attentive, caring and personable. I would recommend him with my eye closed.

Francine Levi16 May 2019
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My husband saw Dr Cara the greatest Dr and nicest human being
Rosemary Grizanti
October 2021
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Dr Cara is a great caring person who we have come to trust for his knowledge & experience. His staff is friendly & efficient. He is the most caring doctor we have ever had the privilege of visiting. He knows what he is doing. He is one in a million.
Seema Sethi
September 2021
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Very friendly and caring staff. I went to the Indian town center in Jupiter FL. Sandy at the reception is very helpful, polite and courteous. Dr cara’s assistants are really nice. Dr Cara himself is one of the most caring and efficient doctors I’ve ever met in this journey of steroid injections for over 10 yrs. thank you all!!
November 2021
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The doctor and staff here are always very helpful and they listen to your needs! The atmosphere is always a very warm feeling, upon entering and leaving the office! Thank you Doctor Cara and staff, thank you so much for everything!!!

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Directions: Our office is located in northern Jupiter on the south side of Indiantown Road between Military Trail and A1A in the Promenade Shoppes plaza. Please turn onto S. Orange Avenue to access the parking lot, which is in the rear of the plaza. Our office is two doors down from Old Florida Bar and Grill, sandwiched between Yamaha Pianos and Luxury Nail & Foot Spa.

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