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Интервенционная медицина боли и физическая медицина и реабилитация

Врач интервенционной медицины боли в Центрах позвоночника и оздоровления Америки

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Dr. Michelle weiner is Double board-certified in Interventional Pain Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is the Director of Integrative Pain Management at Spine and Wellness Centers of America. Dr. Weiner completed her residency and fellowship training at the University of Miami. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Weiner is a member of Florida’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee. Dr. Weiner’s unique approach to personalized integrative pain management allows her to treat the root cause of one’s pain and suffering, both physical and emotional, providing comprehensive and durable relief. She uses a biopsychosocial model including lifestyle and plant medicine to empower her patients to cultivate health and optimize quality of life. Dr. Weiner was trained in ketamine assisted psychotherapy by the Ketamine Training Center and incorporates a multidisciplinary patient centered approach. Her cannabis research focuses on using cannabis as a substitute for opioids in chronic pain patients and cannabis’s effect on seniors with chronic pain. Her research at the University of Miami compared psychedelic vs psycholytic doses of ketamine to treat chronic pain and depression. She is the Vice president of Mr Psychedelic Law, a not-for-profit with the mission of responsible legal reform of psilocybin in Florida. Dr Weiner is a clinical advisor for Iter investments, a psychedelic fund and is passionate about exploring new paradigms.

If you would like to contact Dr. Weiner, please email [email protected]



Amanda Bedolla
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Caring and understanding. Very informative about treatment and next steps to getting pain relief. My experience with Dr Michele Weiner is very comfortable. She is so down to earth. Great staff. They were able to get me a next day appointment when I had aggravated issues with my back.
Matt Ochmanski
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I’ve been going the Spine and Wellness center of America for a while and I’ve been having great results from Dr. Michelle Weiner. She really wants her patients to feel and get better. One thing that I love about Dr. Weiner is that she treats each person individually and doesn’t generalize care! I highly recommend this doctor!
Ron Koger
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I had one of my two annual visits to the Spine and Wellness Centers of America at the Hollywood Florida office yesterday morning. In this day and age I find it important to give credit where credit is due. And, Dr. Michelle Weiner and her staff definitely deserve a 5-Star "Thank You". From the time I walked in, I was treated with respect and courtesy. Dr. Weiner and the staff was very friendly, helpful, and willing to help with any question or concern I may have. It could not have been a better experience!
Bonnie Winston
17 Mar 2020
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She had a warm beautiful smile when she walked into the room. Making you feel warm safe and secure. She asked the questions as she looked into your eyes for the answers. She wasn’t distracted by anything else going on, but to find out how she can make your Life more comfortable and to reduce pain. Dr wiener was very knowledgeable, she was quite articulate and answered any of my questions. Thank you for a great visit.
Michael Garcia
14 Dec 2019
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Dr. Michelle is the BEST doctor I have ever had in my entire life. Very kind and actually cares for her patients. I can not recommend her enough.
H.W.20 Aug 2019
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Dr. Weiner is a very caring and intelligent physician. She goes out of her way to find unique and personalized treatment plans. Without Dr. Weiner I wouldn't be as happy as I am with my quality of life. Must see!
Self-verified patient of Dr. Michelle Weiner13 Aug 2019
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Dr. Weiner is one of a kind. She very caring and goes out of her way to find the right treatment plan. I wouldn't trade her for the world.
Marian S. Lappin09 Apr 2019
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She is one of the most caring conscientious and helpful doctors i have ever known. She truly helps people others could not help.
Jodi Kalick03 Apr 2019
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I have been in pain for 25 years and I finally found my savior in Dr Weiner not only is she an outstanding pain medicine doctor but a wonderful human being Dr Weiner I thank you so much for believing in me and working with me I wish you health wealth and happiness always
John Lazar
October 2021
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Dr. Wiener is an amazing physician! She literally treats each patient as if they were a personal family member. She is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about helping individuals achieve zero pain and a great night's sleep. Her expertise in the cannabis field is beyond anyone in South Florida.
Joelle Smith31 March 2022
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Dr. Weiner was surprisingly refreshing. She looked me in my eyes and listened the entire time. Did not judge me for the things that i didn't know. She answered all my questions and encouraged me to reach out to her if i had any more questions.


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