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Spine and Wellness Centers of America in South Florida and their team of award-winning doctors are pleased to announce that they are now accepting TRICARE – the healthcare program for uniformed service members, veterans/retirees, and their beneficiaries around the world.

Over 331,000 Floridians benefit from TRICARE civilian health benefits as either active/retired military or beneficiaries.The Military Health System’s health plan serves over 9 million beneficiaries globally. TRICARE provides comprehensive coverage including health plans and special programs.

Historically, health care for military personnel and their dependents was only provided in military medical facilities or as a referral due to overcrowding of these facilities. Following World War II and the Korean War, access to military facilities became increasingly difficult for retirees and their dependents due to demand. In 1956 Congress passed the Dependents Medical Care Act and subsequently, the Military Medical Benefits Amendments of 1966. These acts allowed the Secretary of Defense to contract with civilian health care providers. This program became known as the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS).

In 1993 the DoD implemented a nationwide managed care program that would be completely implemented by May 1997 known as Tricare. The United States was divided into health care regions. Florida falls under the East Region. TRICARE offers several health plan options that allow access to high-quality health care such as that offered at SWCA.

Military families are now able to take advantage of non-invasive regenerative therapies at SWCA. According to TRICARE, pain management means getting the right treatment for pain. Pain affects both mood and stress levels. SWCA offers a variety of ways to manage pain – even without medicine. A patients’ individual circumstance and condition are weighed by the team and it’s these factors that result in safer, more effective treatments. Patients of all ages benefit from treatments at SWCA and many are able to avoid invasive surgical procedures.

A survey of one of the Army’s leading units showed that 44% of these soldiers had chronic pain. Unfortunately, these rates are much higher when compared to the general population. The military is looking for better management strategies for chronic pain in its active personnel as well as among veterans. There are many techniques used to treat the source of pain in a patient and, importantly, no single situation is the same. An initial evaluation with the medical experts at SWCA can help determine which of the various treatment options they offer is best for a patient.

By conducting a thorough evaluation in such a way – and pinpointing the specific source of pain – treatments are much more effective in resolving the pain.

SWCA’s state-of-the-art pain management procedures to treat the following conditions:

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Conditions the team of double board certified physicians at SWCA are adept at treating include:

Some therapies available at SWCA include:

Known for their Intravenous Vitamin Infusions, the team at SWCA offers an array of treatment options that fit each individual’s needs. No one patient is treated the same. SWCA believes in Preventative, Holistic, and Functional medicine.

The world-recognized spine experts at SWCA are proud to partner with Tricare to offer efficient and effective healthcare continuing a tradition of excellence and patient satisfaction.

If you are looking for a pain care doctor that accepts Tricare Insurance in South Beach, Miami, Kendall, Aventura, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, or Tamarac, then please contact us at 305-974-5533 or Book An Appointment Online.