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Anestesiología y Medicina del Dolor

CEO de Spine and Wellness Centers of America

Graduado de Harvard
Beca del Hospital General de Massachusetts

El Dr. González se destaca como uno de los médicos latinoamericanos más influyentes de América. Es un graduado de Harvard, miembro del Hospital General de Massachusetts, ex-jefe de división en la Universidad de Massachusetts y ex-presidente electo y vicepresidente de la Academia Estadounidense de Manejo del Dolor. En 2013, 2014 y 2015 ha sido reconocido como uno de los mejores doctores de Miami.

El Dr. González ha sido publicado en varias revistas, se desempeñó como ejecutivo de varias sociedades médicas a nivel estatal y es el fundador de una organización benéfica sin fines de lucro llamada American Spine and Pain Foundation. Los pacientes que sufren de dolor de espalda, cuello, rodillas y hombros han disfrutado de excelentes resultados gracias a su enfoque técnico único, su destreza y su experiencia. Se especializa en afecciones difíciles de tratar que incluyen dolor facial, síndrome de dolor regional complejo, dolores de cabeza crónicos, neuropatía periférica diabética y otras afecciones difíciles pero tratables. Si está buscando a alguien con los conocimientos y la capacidad técnica para aliviar su dolor, estamos seguros de que el Dr. González satisfará sus necesidades.

Audrey Reinhartz
February 2022
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Dr Gonzalez is a fabulous Doctor. He saved my life! Without his knowledge & capabilities I would not be walking today! He is caring, compassionate, patient, & highly trained. In addition, his staff is wonderful. I have never had a problem getting an appointment & never had a long wait at my appointment. His staff was always friendly, polite, and made me feel welcome. I would and have, recommended Dr Gonzalez many, many times and will always do so. I am enjoying life because of him!
Linda Rosner22 Dec 2021
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After 3 years of intolerance to Florida's humid climate post ciguatera poisoning and being suggested by another neurologist to move to a dryer climate, I have finally found relief from Stella Ganglion shots performed by Dr. Gonzàlez.
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Now I can go back to an active outdoor lifestyle inclusive of fishing, scuba diving, and long walks outdoors. Dr. Gonzàlez exudes confidence and passion for medical science and is compassionate to his patients. He takes time to explain the process, expectations and then asks during each and every session for feedback on how well I felt the treatment is responding. My insurance was initially not going to cover the procedure, but due to the testimony from Dr. Gonzàlez and other Doctors as to my well-being, insurance did finally decide to cover the expense. What a life changer this medical procedure was. My body can now regulate, properly in humidity, and all tingling sensations from fingertips to shoulders are now gone. I can now enjoy my life in Florida to its fullest! My quality of life is now better than I would have ever expected. Thank you, Dr. Gonzàlez!

Avita Knighten
11 Jan 2021
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Very good doctor and staff. Very caring
Scott Lane19 Feb 2020
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Very nice people love Dr. G. Everybody's good to you.
Gabriel Miranda15 Jan 2020
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Dr. Gonzàlez and the rest of the staff are amazing. They are quick to attend to their patients and the level of compassion makes
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me feel like family. I also want to give a huge thank you to Maria and Jessica for always going out of their way to make this location one of the best that south Florida has to offer. I will recommend this practice to anyone! Thank you all for being such caring and amazing people, Gabriel Miranda.

Dave M.02 Oct 2019
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I am currently a patient of Dr. Gonzàlez and am receiving treatments for pain. As a patient and as a healthcare clinician I can
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confirm his extreme level of professionalism and dedication to helping me with my lower spine issue. Plus, equally important to Dr. Gonzàlez’s treatment and plan is the thoroughness and by professionalism of his staff members. I am grateful of the doctors expertise and his staff commitment to qualify and care.

Anonymous16 Jul 2019
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Dr. Gonzàlez is amazing. I have had many health issues over the last several years. I have seen Drs. (pain management),
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rhuemetologists, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, psychiatrists, internists, & many others-too many to remember. I moved here a few months ago & heard he was the best. He is the best pain management Dr. I have seen. As busy as he is he takes the time to ask ?'s, listen to all medical issues, not just pain from my spine. I am in bad shape, but feel if he can help me, he will.I would highly recocommend him

Ellen Gould19 Jun 2019
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Dr G is a Miracle worker. After being in constant pain for nine years. One shot from him and I am pain-free. Everyone should know about this.
Ela Goldfarb
26 Apr 2019
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Dr. Gonzàlez and his incredibly capable partners provide excellent guidance and advice for
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patients with pain. He is a skilled spine injection physician and has helped me for many years. They always try the least strong long medicine or medication available before you go on anything stronger which is so wise these days. This doctor follows you everywhere you go if you happen to be in the hospital he follows you in the hospital as he did my husband and he has been our family friend for years. We regard them highly and with out any reservation! You are the best Dr. G!!

Patricia Mele
January 2022
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I been her patient since 2018, Dr. Cristian González and María Callejas are the best human beings. I always said… it’s quality! No quantity! And that is what you received with them; the quality of caring… since you arrived and you signed your name all the staff welcomed you and in general you don’t has to wait for your appointment. They really work as a team and in a professional way.

Premio Médico a Tiempo (2018)

El premio Vitals On-Time + Rapptness Award reconoce a los médicos con calificaciones altas consistentes en la puntualidad de las citas. El honor se otorga en función de los puntajes generales y de rapidez de un médico.

Premio de Elección de los Pacientes (2013, 2018)

El reconocimiento de la Elección del Paciente refleja la diferencia que un médico en particular ha hecho en la vida de sus pacientes. El honor se otorga a los médicos que han recibido puntuaciones casi perfectas, según las votaciones de los pacientes.

Top 10 Doctor - Estado (2014)

Los 10 mejores médicos son elegidos por los millones de pacientes que visitan Vitals cada año para encontrar un nuevo médico y compartir sus experiencias proporcionando calificaciones y reseñas. Con el fin de diferenciar a los médicos de gran prestigio del resto para los pacientes que buscan una atención de calidad, Vitals otorga los honores de los 10 mejores médicos a aquellos médicos dentro de una determinada especialidad y área geográfica a quienes sus pacientes les otorgan constantemente las mejores calificaciones.

Reconocimiento Médico Compasivo (2013, 2018)

La certificación de Doctor Compasivo se otorga a los médicos que tratan a sus pacientes con la mayor amabilidad. El honor se otorga en base a las calificaciones generales y de trato al lado de la cama del médico.

Los Mejores Médicos de Miami (2013, 2014, 2015)

El Dr. Christian González fue publicado en una publicación especial de Miami Magazine que reconoce a los mejores médicos de Miami.

Citas Hospitalarias

Aventura, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Coral Gables, FL

North Miami Beach, FL

Educación superior / Experiencia

  • Ex vicepresidente / Presidente Electo de la Academia Estadounidense de Manejo del Dolor
  • Exjefe de División, Medicina del Dolor, Universidad de Miami
  • Exjefe de División, Medicina del Dolor, Universidad de Massachusetts
  • Ex CEO / Presidente, Sociedad de Médicos del Dolor Intervencionista de Massachusetts
  • Ex Director del Comité Académico, Sociedad Estadounidense de Médicos del Dolor Intervencionista
  • Hospital General de Massachusetts, Facultad de Medicina de Harvard, Miembro de Medicina del Dolor
  • Baylor College of Medicine, Residente de Anestesiología