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Anestesiología y Medicina Intervencionista del Dolor

Director de South Beach Spine and Wellness Centers of America

Universidad de Florida, Gainesville, FL Residencia
Beca del Centro Médico de la Universidad Rush, Chicago IL

El Dr. Leon Anijar es un anestesiólogo certificado por la junta y ha completado una formación de subespecialidad avanzada en medicina del dolor. Completó su formación de residencia en la Universidad de Florida en Gainesville, FL y la formación de becas en el Centro Médico de la Universidad Rush de renombre internacional en Chicago, IL. Obtuvo su licenciatura en ciencias en la Universidad de Emory y obtuvo su título de médico en la Universidad del Sur de Florida.

El Dr. Anijar cree que cada paciente merece vivir una vida sin dolor y adapta el plan de tratamiento de cada paciente a sus necesidades específicas. El Dr. Anijar ofrece el espectro completo de servicios de medicina del dolor que van desde tratamientos médicos holísticos hasta procedimientos de dolor mínimamente invasivos. Tiene una amplia experiencia en el tratamiento de una variedad de condiciones de dolor que incluyen dolor lumbar axial, dolor de cuello cervical, radiculopatía lumbar, síndrome de dolor regional complejo y dolor neuropático. Tiene un interés especial en la estimulación de la médula espinal, los tratamientos de la estenosis espinal y los sistemas interespinosos de administración de fármacos y está emocionado de llevar su conjunto de habilidades a casa en el sur de la Florida.

Maria Gomez
15 Jul 2022
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The best doctor! Very knowledgeable, he has great communication making sure you always feel at ease. Extremely professional and with a lot of experience. He helped me overcome the worst pain that I had in my back due to an injury, the best part, it was without surgery.
Lee mas All he used was an injection that didnt hurt at all. He has amazing skills.. The office is very clean, well equipped with the best technology and all of his staff members are very friendly , always very warm and they went extra way to make sure I feel good when ever they saw me nervous.They made this process for me easy as a walk in the park when I was prepared to expect the worst.. I recommend Dr Anijar ! He is truly The best !
Alan Gabay
10 Mar 2022
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I went to Dr.Anijar, after seeing many others, about a variety of clerical and lumbar spinal conditions I have that occurring from an auto accident in which my car was hit. He was recommended by my neurosurgeon and I couldn’t be happier.
Lee mas He immediately understood my concerns and started treating me. He was very knowledgeable, patient, and compassionate. He took the time to explain every step of my conditions and what the treatments would be and what I should expect as the outcome of each. As an older patient, I recently realized that it was necessary to change all my Doctors to the newer generation of younger Doctors who have been educated and taught on all the new machines and techniques that were not available in the past. Dr. Anijar is proficient in this regard and I highly recommend him for anyone who wants a real professional as your Doctor.
Marilyn Kaufmann
17 Mar 2020
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Wonderful bedside manner. I was very nervous during every procedure he performed, but he and his staff calmed me. Dr. Anijar explained everything he was doing. Warm, friendly, and very reassuring. I would highly recommend him!
Roger Hernandez
21 Jan 2020
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Thanks to Doctor Anijar my mom went in to see the doctor complaining of hip pain and pain shooting down her leg. After the doctors examination it ended up being that the pain was from her back not the hip. After her epidural my mom feels much better. Thanks to the doctor and the staff
Carolyn Travis28 Aug 2019
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The whole staff was wonderful. Dr. Adijar listened (not all doctors do) and took the time to explain all my options before deciding on a course of treatment. He has a wonderful manner that can convince you that even a needle in your knee isn't that bad (it wasn't) I highly recommend him and the practice
Caron Caplan-attardi06 Jun 2019
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After being a patient with the same doctor for pain at Sylvester I was happy to find a very nice, clean incredibly stocked with all the latest gadgets and the first time since I had my intrathecal pump that they first numbed out my area then under fluoroscopy stuck me with no fishing for the port or pain. It was a pleasure.
Jeremy Shapiro
13 Jan 2022
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Extremely considerate service from everyone, including staff and especially Dr. Anijar. Always on time for all services and procedures, as well as giving me the best possible advise relating to my particular ortho issue.
Stella Bekerman
November 2021
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Dr Anijar had helped my mother tremendously. Yes, he gave her pain medicine in her wrist, but he is cautious, asks questions, gives recommendations. He has a thoughtful approach that ensures he is doing right by his patients. He is also just lovely and makes you feel like he actually cares. Rare in today’s world of traditional and pain medicine.
Peggy Adams
December 2021
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i had researched pain doctors in south & northwest florida. selected leon anijar, m.d. can’t say enough nice things. the entire staff was courteous & respectful. paola, kevin & dr anijar we’re obviously very knowledgeable & dedicated to sharing all necessary information. our session was thorough and succinct. i felt like i was with a friend. relaxed conversation intertwined with the serious news. learned of the best restaurants in the area. i’m from northwest florida. emailed dr. anijar prior to coming. he answered my emails as well as calling me regarding prep for the appointment. i truly have never received such friendly yet competent service at a doctor’s apt. i’m telling you, these guys are stars!!!
Jeremy Shapiro
January 2022
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Extremely considerate service from everyone, including staff and especially Dr. Anijar. Always on time for all services and procedures, as well as giving me the best possible advise relating to my particular ortho issue.
Nazir Noor
February 2022
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Dr. Anijar and his staff are exceptional in what they do. The office environment was extremely welcoming and made the whole experience very enjoyable. I highly recommend Dr. Anijar as your pain physician. He treats his patients and the staff with the utmost respect and professionalism. Most importantly, he is an excellent physician who strives to provide the best care for his patients.
Roman Avila
26 March 2022
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Amazing doctor! Very attentive and helpful! Great communication and answers ANY questions you may have. Definitely recommend!!

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