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Our physicians are experts in bulging disk pain. At Spine and Wellness Centers of America, we use evidence-based treatments to treat chronic pain caused by bulging disks in your spine using Non-Surgical or Minimally Invasive pain relief techniques backed by science. No one should feel like they have to learn to live with chronic back pain.

When it comes to getting spine and back treatment for an issue such as bulging discs pain, South Florida has one of the best pain clinics in America who can provide relief. We are proud to employ the best talent to treat a variety of different conditions that cause acute and chronic pain. SWCA has been recognized as an expert when it comes to treating the spine and both acute and chronic pain conditions.

Make Your Bulging Disk Pain Care Appointment Today

Services from a professional pain care specialist can help you identify a bulging disk and develop a precise treatment plan. Our doctors at Spine and Wellness Centers of America are here to answer all your back pain questions. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your appointment.

We Treat Bulging Disc Pain

Pain can be disruptive, most especially spinal pain. It can distract from life’s most precious moments. Even some of the simplest activities can be painful, as well as threaten the quality of life. Activities like bending, stretching, or reaching can be very painful; let alone, walking, or throwing a ball. People who suffer from back pain struggle just to get through their day. This can be both a physical and mental battle. At the Spine and Wellness Centers of America, we hope to be the answer for our patients and we are dedicated to getting our patients back to life. We take great joy and satisfaction in providing specialized care for those we treat. Our staff is committed to providing expert service to patients in the South Florida area! We’re here for those who are looking to feel their best and get back to their quality lives!


When people suffer symptoms like debilitating muscles, numbing sensations, and even paralysis they need care that they can count on. We understand that those who suffer from pain and complications due to bulging disks can benefit greatly from professionals who have as much sensitivity as they do knowledge. We are also aware of how serious a bulging disc can be for an individual, as a bulging disc can cause pressure on the spinal cord or the spinal nerves. A bulging disc can lead to other conditions like spinal stenosis, sciatica, and pinched nerves. A person suffering from such damage may endure a high level of pain and discomfort and maybe in desperate need of a physician that has a careful hand. It is for this reason, that SWCA takes the extra dedication to ensure that we provide individualized assessments and detailed treatments. Our goal is not to only focus on the pain itself, but to provide a treatment plan that also focuses on the root causes of pain. We know that there are several factors that could cause bulging disks such as aging and trauma, so no 2 cases are exactly the same. It is our pleasure to take the extra steps to investigate what type of treatment is needed for every case. Our treatments are effective and long lasting. We can provide a qualified doctor that will provide care for the whole spine so if there is more than one area of the spine in need of care, we are well equipped to It is our goal to achieve the best results for each circumstance.

Our patients take comfort that our procedures can be successful, yet minimally invasive. We are well aware of how scary it can be to undergo a surgery for many of our patients, so we go the extra mile to assure them that we are qualified. We want to aid our patients every step of the way informing them of therapies that can get them to a greater quality of life. We know that surgery is not always the answer. We can treat some bulging disk cases with pain management as well. Whether someone is suffering from discomfort or pain that seems unbearable, we’d love to assist. We use a variety of pain management practices; however, we don’t stop here. We are also committed to providing high-quality holistic care for our patients that deal with the whole person.

We go above and beyond for those who suffer from back pain. Whether we are treating the genesis of someone’s discomfort, or they are dealing with chronic levels of pain, we are here to serve all of South Florida. We get results for our patients because we’ve done the research, we’ve got the experience, and we care. We want to help our patients get back to the life they deserve. We want to provide quality care that they can trust. We are not looking for short cuts, but we want each and every patient to know that we value them. We care about their suffering and we want to be their solution. All of our staff are looking to offer the relief back pain sufferers need in order to get to the place of peace and serenity they long for. We want them to enjoy being able to enjoy those precious moments again! We are honored to serve the patients of South Florida with a thorough and quality treatment start to finish!

When it comes to any disease or medical issue you want to try to prevent it or prevent it from getting any worse. When it comes to pain you want to try and prevent injuries or diseases that can cause chronic pain that can affect your activities of daily living. If you can not prevent a disease it can be treated in two ways by a holistic approach or a functional approach. A holistic approach to treating pain means that the treatment will be focused on treating the patient’s physical and mental aspects of the patient’s body. In order for individuals to obtain optimal health, both the physical and mental aspects of health have to be in balance. If the physical and mental are not imbalanced this could have a negative impact on the patient. When a holistic approach is implemented the focus is to treat the underlying causes of the patient issue instead of the symptoms alone.

A functional approach is basically a patient-centered approach. When the patient-centered approach to care is done the care is tailored specifically to the patient’s underlying conditions. When a treatment plan is implemented the treatment team takes other things outside of the pain or injury into consideration. The other things that are taken into considerations are the patient’s lifestyle and environment. Patient-centered care should improve a patient’s strength, body, and health.

The most common types of pain that individuals experience and need treatment for are back pain, sciatica pain, neck pain, pinched nerve pain, bursitis pain, scoliosis pain, carpal tunnel pain, migraines, fibromyalgia pain and much more. There are many different treatments and procedures that a pain care doctor utilizes to treat the various conditions that cause chronic pain.

We use a variety of minimally invasive treatments and procedures: regenerative medicine, drg neurostimulation, electromyography nerve conduction studies, celiac plexus block, epidural steroid injection, fascia iliaca block, joint injection, spinal cord stimulation, soft tissue injection, and many more.

No matter what condition an individual may be experiencing that is causing chronic pain there is always a treatment that can be done to alleviate the pain. The goal is not just to alleviate the pain with treatment but it is to get the individual back functioning at an extremely high level both physically and mentally pain-free.

Our expert team of award-winning pain relief doctors with backgrounds in orthopedics, neurosurgery, pain care, and rehabilitation will create a long term treatment plan individualized to you, your unique pain and your goals. We listen to your symptoms when others might not. We conquer pain without surgical interventions in the majority of cases using cutting edge pain relief techniques for migraine pain care (some of which are completely new to pain care and only offered by our doctors).

The pain management physicians at SWCA have specialized training in the field of pain. They have trained to treat, evaluate, and diagnose all different types of pain. Pain can be very diverse and comes in many different forms. There is spinal or back pain, cancer pain, acute pain, and chronic pain. When it comes to pain there can be a cause and in some situations, there can be no cause at all. Some of the causes of pain are surgery, injury, nerve damage, metabolic pain caused by diabetes, and spinal or back pain such as a bulging disc. Pain can be treated with medication, minimally invasive surgeries, physical therapy, or even major surgeries.

If you are an individual who is looking for treatment from a pain clinic whether it be in South Florida or in any other part of the United States the clinic should have certain attributes. The clinic should have a focus on regenerative medicine and be up to date with the latest innovative practices when it comes to treating spinal conditions and chronic pain.

A good spinal and pain management clinic will focus on their patient’s total health. The doctors in these clinics are not just focused on relieving the pain of their clients but they are also focused on getting their clients back to their full functioning normal selves. The doctors at a good pain clinic should be board certified, very knowledgeable, and have years of experience in the pain treatment medical sector.

From symptoms to triggers, bulging disc pain differs in severity from patient to patient. Spine and Wellness Centers of America (SWCA) would like to help you get those answers. Our pain care doctors can help you determine if you suffer from one of the many types of migraines. Our doctors and nurses spend a great deal of time with our patients, listening to symptoms and then we construct a detailed pain relief treatment plan based on science. We will determine if your pain is coming from one or more sources, something that other doctors might not even consider when treating your symptoms.

For some patients, non-surgical pain relief techniques might not be the best treatment plan for them. When your pain calls for surgery, our neurosurgeons may suggest minimally invasive and advanced surgical approaches such as the mild® treatment (minimally invasive lumbar decompression) or DRG Neurostimulation (dorsal root ganglion neurostimulation).

Patients suffering from acute bulging disc pain may be prescribed pain relief from in-office epidural steroid injections, soft tissue injections, or trigger point injections. Often anti-inflammatories are prescribed in conjunction with other acute pain treatments and the condition resolves. In other patients, acute pain is a precursor to a life of chronic pain, so it is important to determine the cause of pain and administer the correct pain relief procedure for lasting relief of chronic pain.

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