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Lumbar & Knee Pain in Men

Golfing, tennis, and even boating are popular sporting options for men in the South Florida area, in particular. Though these can be low impact, injury from repetitive motion or a sudden “wrong move” is actually quite common. The most prevalent reasons men seek relief from pain are pain in the lumbar (lower back) region and the knees.


Knees are vulnerable joints. According to the American Family Physician Journal, approximately 1.3 million people are seen in U.S. emergency rooms annually with acute trauma to the knee. The knee is an area of the body that doesn’t complete it’s ultimate formation until men are in their late 20s. Therefore, the knee has usually endured years of stress even before it fully matures which can leave it vulnerable to additional damage and/or pain in later life.

Though the majority of knee pain is caused by osteoarthritis, another cause is patellofemoral syndrome – commonly known as “runner’s knee.” This is a condition from inflamed tissues that surround the knee cap – particularly the fat, bursa and synovial membrane. These tissues provide lubrication to the joint and extra cushioning between bones. Repetitive motion and high levels of stress cause the tissues to become irritated & inflamed.

In men over 50, knee pain may be due to tears of the meniscus – the cartilage that provides structural support to the knee.

Other causes of knee pain in men are Arthritis, torn cartilage, a strain or sprain, or tendinitis.

Lumbar Pain in Men

Lumbar – or lower back pain – is the most common type of pain reported by Americans according to the CDC. This makes sense since almost every movement during daily activity makes use of lower back muscles. From bending over to pick something up, sitting at a desk, to heavy lifting – back pain is most common in men between the ages of 20 and 40 years though it is often more pronounced in the elderly. Men are more likely to suffer lumbar pain due to trauma/injury from labor-intensive work or sports.

Common causes of pain in the area in men are often due to:



Paget’s disease;

Strains and Sprains

Muscular pain;

Dysfunction of the Vertebrae

Prolapsed disc

Narrowing of bony canals

Pinched nerve root

Lumbar Facet Syndrome

Our SWCA spine specialists are able to offer treatment options for these common types of pain in men. Whether that be in the knee area or the lumbar region, our physicians are able to diagnose the root cause of the pain and work with patients to offer a painless, non-invasive treatment plan.

Often the first line of treatment is rest and over the counter medications such as NSAIDs to ease swelling and discomfort. However, many men experience more advanced conditions that contribute to their pain.

Strengthening the muscles that support either the knee and the back with physical therapy is another option that is non-invasive.

Steroid injections into the knee joint or the lower back may be able to blunt severe pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Euflexxa, monovisc injections are a treatment that helps to protect, cushion and lubricate the knee joint. The gel-like substance lubricates the knee and provides significant pain relief and allows the joint to move more smoothly.

Stem cell therapy aids in tissue repair and works to trigger healing receptors within a patient’s own immune system using a patient’s own cells. Stem cell injections have been used in the treatment of chronic joint pain, disc pain, osteoarthritis, ligament ruptures and broken bones. Stem cell therapy is a natural, minimally invasive treatment that uses a patient’s own body to combat pain. Results can last between 6 months and three years.There are different options available such as Lipogemens, PRP, and bone marrow depending on what works best for each individual and their condition.

Regenerative medicine can help to reduce chronic pain, improve healing of injuries or diseases affecting joints in a patient’s knee or spine with the aim of improving mobility and quality of life.

These cutting-edge “orthobiologic” therapies are a much less invasive option than traditional treatments and surgeries.

Spine and Wellness Centers of America is able to diagnose and treat chronic pain to help regain your life back.

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